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In the Midst of the Assembly (FULL ALBUM)


Physical CD (OUT OF PRINT)
Full Album MP3s
Physical CD (OUT OF PRINT)
Full Album MP3s


In The Midst of the Assembly is the first Sumphonia production. It is an a cappella recording of 18 hymns that range in genre from popular contemporary to the more classic and stately sounds. Authors and composers intend these hymns to be used in both public and private worship, and the recording was produced to give the sound and feel of a congregation.

In the Midst Of The Assembly was performed by the Voices of Sumphonia, a choral group directed by Scott Wyatt, in January 2003. The CD is now out of print.

Audio Previews:

1 – O Come, Let Us Sing for Joy


2 – Immanuel, God with Us


3 – Theophany (High Above the Seraphim)


4 – Purify Us


5 – Be Strong and Courageous!


6 – Our Faithful Care


7 – Exalted


8 – Thy Word Is a Treasure


9 – The Army of Our Lord


10 – Opening Prayer


11 – Soliloquy and Prayer


12 – Living Water, Bread of Life


13 – You are My Strength


14 – Father, Help Us Raise Our Children


15 – I Will Wake the Dawn with Praises


16 – Savior and Friend


17 – Triumphal Entrance


18 – God of Prayer