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CALON LÂN II is a re-recording of the 2014 Sumphonia CD that was produced with a smaller ensemble. It is named for the tune, CALON LÂN, which is Welsh for “clean heart.” It is also the tune paired with “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” one of 19 hymns on this recording. The Voices of Sumphonia was directed by Scott Wyatt in the summer of 2018. The recording was made available on CD in December 2018 and includes a 28-page insert booklet with words to all the hymns.

Audio Previews:

1 – El Elyon


2 – O Lord, Whose Law Is My Delight


3 – Song of Angels


4 – Lead On, O Cloud of Presence


5 – For the Fruit of All Creation


6 – O Sons and Daughters, Sing Your Praise


7 – Flung to the Heedless Winds


8 – Powerful in Making Us Wise


9 – Forgive Our Sins, As We Forgive


10 – What a Friend We Have in Jesus


11 – A Shelter in the Time of Storm (minor)


12 – Hold Thou My Hands


13 – O Church, Arise


14 – All People That on Earth Do Dwell


15 – Songs of Praise the Angels Sang


16 – When Jesus Came to Jordan


17 – Let All Things Now Living


18 – Still the Cause Before Us


19 – Evensong

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